So if you have the money to spare and don't know on what to spend it first. Just get this kit people.
So, my Wasp kit is installed and I took a 60km test ride.

Here are my thoughts :

- All well wrapped and packed. Great manual with all the pics you need to visualise the things you have to do.

- The installing was very easy. I just had one minor problem but that was because I didn't reread the manual to check for the solution to the problem.
So any nitwit can mount the kit. No problem. Took me around 4 hours but you could mount it much quicker I'm sure.

- Having a manual to dismantle those parts of the bike is cool because I was able to clean some parts of the bike that before where not accessible.

So the test ride ...

- Started of at ease 'cause ofcourse the engine was cold. But already above 3000rpm I was hearing some noises from the huge filters sucking air.
In fact the noice always pops up and fades away between 3250 and 3750rpm. It's kinda an anoying noise, but my Duc. store guy says it's normal. It's always like that. After all, it's no big deal.

- So, engine hot ... hit it ! WTF ! That noise the huge K&N's make above 6-7000rpm is Just amazing. I didn't put in my ear plugs and I wish I did. From now on I'll be wearing them every time.

- The engine pulls hard in every gear and is now useable in every gear.
2nd gear slow rides are now a joy. A lot of the times that I thought I was riding in 2nd, I actually was in 3rd. Smooth shit !

- The bike gives lots lots lots lots more confidence 'cause now every corner I take I'm in the right gear or the engine runs at the right rpm.

In short : The power is always there !

So if you have the money to spare and don't know on what to spend it first. Just get this kit people. It's money well spend and you will love to ride the bike a lot more than before.

Oh yes, 2 negative points ...

1. Thanks for all the K&N stickers Greg, but I really want a Wasp sticker !
2. I want black filter covers ;)

One very happy customer all the way from Belgium !

Cheers mate,

Date Added: 04/14/2010 by Koen Tielemans