Latest Customer Feedback....GT1000 with Termi kit - USA

Holy Cow!!! This bike is insane. I am digging the power. Having the rear wheel spinning up (just a little the roads were slippery) next thing I knew I was at work. Wet but very happy!!! On my way home in the dry I was able to up my pace. What a difference...trackable ,drivable power throughout the revs can hit the limiter easily... 2nd gear killer...3rd gear smoking... 4th gear, 5th, 6th holy crap better hang on. Goodbye choppy throttle.... I love my bike, I ride her hard...we have been on many trips many miles always a good time. You guys and the Wasp Puk increased my enjoyment riding what a product. I appreciate your enthusiasm and love of motorcycles. The Wasp Puk a quality product, real value hands down the best mod I made to a bike in 30 years of riding. Thanks so much Michael.