Welcome to Intake Express

Intake Express Pty Ltd is an Australian registered Proprietary Limited company and the manufacturer/owner of the “WaspPUK” (Power-Up-Kit) motorcycle induction systems.

It is actually the incorporation of the founding members of WaspWorks.com (motorcycle components design and manufacture) and Bunbury Dyno (motorcycle dyno testing and tuning facility which is based in a DUCATI Dealership for 18years).

With that in mind, you can see we have the best of both worlds under the one roof:

The ability and experience in designing very high quality and functional components using the latest 3D CAD software, backed by the capability to thoroughly test, hone, and custom tune each new component and combo. This is all done on our in-house Dyno-Jet motorcycle dyno, which is equipped with the latest version of "Tuning Link " software which is only allowed to Authorised tuning centers. This really takes any of the quess work from the dyno process.

Each time we create an induction system for a new model bike, we locate a number of different customers (same model bike but with different engine/exhaust/ecu configurations) and generate fuel maps specifically tuned to their particular setup..

Each time we do these tunes for different configurations of the same base bike, we actually generate individual fuel maps for each cylinder for optimum performance. You don’t just get single fuel maps with an Intake Express Power Up Kit..

Before we offer any new system (for a new model bike) to the public we ensure that the new system has performed in excess of 2000 kilometers on the road, and through tuning and horse power runs, as well as seek feedback from our test bikes in the field.